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Did your baby suffer trauma during birth or negligence in monitoring? Did it result in brain damage from oxygen-deprivation or cerebral palsy?

We can help you find the right birth injury malpractice attorney in your area to sue the doctor, hospital or healthcare provider responsible for your loved-one’s suffering as a result of medical mistakes and negligence. They will work with you to find an appropriate settlement and compensation for your suffering.

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What you should know about baby injury lawsuits

How do I know if a birth injury was caused by medical malpractice?

While it is best to consult with an attorney directly, some birth injuries are more commonly associated with medical provider negligence. Delivery trauma, especially to a baby’s head, can cause a cephalohematoma, which in some circumstances can result in intellectual and learning disabilities. Additionally, lack of oxygen to a fetus either before or during delivery, if mismanaged, can result in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), which is brain damage caused by the fetus being oxygen-deprived at birth. It is often necessary to analyze medical records to determine if there is clear causation. Fill out our online form so one of our Case Analysts can help determine the best path forward.

What types of birth injuries are most likely caused by malpractice?

The most common birth injuries come from birth trauma. These include autism, cerebral palsy, bell’s palsy, erb’s palsy, and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Other common negligence-related injuries include misdiagnosis of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV 1 or 2) resulting in brain damage or death and injuries to limbs during labor.

How do I file a birth injury malpractice lawsuit?

The first step to filing a case is seeking legal representation. Although you have the legal right to represent yourself, medical malpractice is a very complicated and expensive area for litigation. So let us help you find the best attorney for your NICU malpractice or birth injury claim to increase the chances of a positive outcome and maximize your potential settlement or compensation. Our service is completely free to you, and our partnered attorneys work almost exclusively on contingency, so they only receive payment if you win.

How do I find a birth injury lawyer that’s right for me?

There are many areas that attorneys can specialize in, even in medical malpractice. At Justpoint, our goal is to find you the most experienced attorney who will maximize your chances of success and the potential size of your payout, all at no cost to you. Attorneys who are experienced with birth injury and fetal demise cases are best if you or your loved one has been a victim of birth injury-related negligence. Fill out our online form so one of our Case Analysts can help determine the best path forward.

Do most birth injury malpractice cases settle?

An example of a birth injury claim that could lead to a successful lawsuit is a permanent, serious, or catastrophic injury caused by a preventable occurrence. For example, an Erb’s palsy lawsuit could be successful because Erb’s palsy is usually a result of preventable nerve damage during the birth process. Cerebral palsy compensation claims could also be successful, as medical malpractice may be the cause of the cerebral palsy. Contact our team now to discuss your case involving cerebral palsy medical malpractice or Erb’s palsy.

What can Justpoint do for my baby?

If you believe your baby suffered from negligence by any health care professional or has been a victim of a medical mistake we will carefully listen to what happened, analyze your case using our artificial intelligence, and match you with the best lawyer to fight your case. Your family deserves justice, and we want to help you find it. For free.

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