Why choose Justpoint?

Welcome to Justpoint, where our mission is to investigate medications that may pose serious health risks and support those impacted in seeking justice for their suffering. We do this by bringing class actions against those responsible and connecting you to more empathetic and personalized legal representation dedicated to your needs.

We know that dealing with legal matters can be overwhelming, so we are your helpful guides, here with you through every step of the process.

How does it work?

Our research team analyzes billions of data points on the adverse effects of medications. We feed this data into our AI to identify medications that lead to major health issues. Once we identify that a particular medication may be causing harm, our legal team starts pursuing justice through collective action, or a class action lawsuit. Our end goal is to remove potentially dangerous medications from the market to prevent future harm while winning settlements to help offset the pain and suffering of those who were already harmed.

Protecting public health: Unveiling risks overlooked by the FDA

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the primary US organization responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, and the US’s food supply. However, the FDA is very understaffed, having over 2000 open positions after being overburdened during the COVID pandemic, and confidentiality practices prevent them from sharing key information with the public. Doctors rely on the FDA as an authority to decide what drugs are safe, and patients rely on doctors to tell them what medications to take. Taking all these factors into account, the potential danger to public health becomes obvious: patients may be taking medications prescribed by doctors whose recommendations come from inadequate testing. This is the gap that Justpoint seeks to fill.

Your role in seeking justice: empowering people to make a difference

If you were prescribed medication and later suffered from a serious condition, your involvement is critical! When you authorize Justpoint to investigate your case, our medical researchers analyze your medical records to strengthen the case against the manufacturer of the medication. The more voices, the stronger our case.

Explore the steps towards healing with Justpoint – from the initial eligibility verification to the empowering moment of receiving compensation. Join us on a collective journey toward justice.

Step 1: Schedule a free case consultation

Fill out a case evaluation form to schedule a free consultation.

Step 2: Consultation

Complete a call with a member of our intake team. We listen carefully to your story, answer any questions you have, and will verify that you qualify for a case we are investigating. Your story becomes a crucial part of our collective effort to unveil the truth.

Step 3: Case review & research

If qualified, you join our class action or mass tort investigation. Our dedicated legal and medical team reviews your case details and medical records and conducts thorough research to understand the cause of your illness. We’ll request your medical records on your behalf and analyze them (in addition to sharing them with you, at no charge).

Step 4: Championing your case

If we see a link between the medication you took and the illness you suffered from, your attorney will file your claim on your behalf and begin litigation against the medication’s manufacturer. Your attorney will handle the court process on your behalf, making sure you are guided toward the justice and compensation that you rightfully deserve. If the case settles or we get a positive judgment, you get compensation.

Justpoint frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Justpoint?

Results: Over $10 Billion recovered for individuals and families through our network of world class attorneys.

Simplicity: The legal system is complicated, but we keep things simple by doing the work for you so you can focus on your health.

A Healthier Future: By joining us in bringing collective action against those responsible for your injuries, you help prevent more unnecessary suffering, while also receiving compensation for the harm done to you.

How do I know that it is Justpoint calling me? 

Upon completing the online evaluation form, you’ll receive a text confirmation notifying you of our upcoming call. Calls will display a “Justpoint” caller ID. We’ll also provide a link to schedule a time that works best for you.

Do I pay anything to sign up?

You don’t pay anything unless we win for you! Our service is free of charge. We only get paid if we ultimately succeed in getting you compensation. Upon successful resolution of your case, we charge only a fraction of the overall settlement or judgement. This may vary based on the state you reside in, the state of your injury, and other factors, like if the case is appealed. This means that you never have any upfront financial commitment, and you only pay if you actually receive settlement money.

What qualifies me to join lawsuit?

With Justpoint, you will know if you qualify by the time our first conversation is over. Generally speaking, if you took a medication we are investigating for a certain period of time and later developed a particular condition, you qualify to join our class action or investigation.

How much money will I get?

While each case is different and depends on many factors, signing on early can increase your chances of being chosen as one of the “bellwether” cases, which are litigated at the start of litigation, and can settle for 10 times the amount of the average case in a lawsuit. To learn more about how these cases work, click here.


What is Justpoint?

What is Justpoint?

Hi and welcome to Justpoint!

Contingency Fees in Medical Malpractice

Contingency Fees in Medical Malpractice

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