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Our focus

At Justpoint, we're on a mission to ensure safety and well-being for all.

Our tech-powered law firm investigates potentially harmful substances that unknowingly make us sick, like medications and consumer products.

Through collective action of those already harmed and initiating class action lawsuits, we act to remove them from the market to prevent unnecessary harm from continuing.

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Inspired by purpose

Our motivation stems from a recognition that our current system for detecting and regulating harmful substances is flawed. Many people are unknowingly taking medications prescribed by well-intentioned doctors, yet the recommendations are based on testing from a broken system.

For the first time in recent history, we're witnessing a decline in human life expectancy attributed to the toxic substances we're producing and exposing ourselves to.

New medications and chemicals are produced every year at a compounding rate with limited funding for proper regulation or monitoring.

Rates of cancers and other diseases have been increasing in recent years, especially in young people, with no adequate explanation due to inadequate testing for this population.

Rates of cancers among people younger than 50 have increased by 1% overall, with the largest increases among those age 30 to 39, increasing about 19%.

That's where Justpoint steps in – to uncover why and take legal action to stop the harm.

Our ultimate goal

To prevent unnecessary diseases, disabilities, and deaths that are caused by avoidable human-made factors. When we identify a toxic substance, harmful pharmaceutical, or unsafe product, our law firm initiates lawsuits to ensure the swift protection of consumers. It's about creating a safer, healthier future for us all.

How Justpoint works

Holding illness-causing parties accountable

Justpoint uses proprietary technology to hold illness-causing parties accountable for the harm they cause through a process that involves:

Public Harm identification

Justpoint`s scientists use proprietary artificial intelligence to analyze billions of data points to identify preventable and controllable factors like harmful pharmaceuticals, human-made substances, and harmful consumer products.

Medical & legal viability analysis

Justpoint, in partnership with some of the largest US law firms, investigates the suspected harmful products by interviewing affected people, analyzing their medical records, and conducting pharmacology and toxicology research.

Litigation commences

Justpoint law firm's attorneys and partnered law firms then file suit against the parties responsible for causing harm to begin the process of getting justice and compensation for those affected.

Justice & health for all

When a case is successfully resolved, compensation is provided by the defendant to address the harm they caused. But it goes beyond just helping only individuals; it holds accountable those responsible, benefiting society at large.

Court orders stop the defendant from producing or releasing the harmful substance, improving safety measures, engaging in clean-up efforts, and more. This creates a cleaner and safer world for everyone.

Was your illness caused by a medication?

You deserve to be compensated. With collective action, you can be.

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