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Handpicked Specialists

Our handpicked doctors and legal specialists will review your claim to ensure no detail is missed.

300k historical claims

Our database of 300,000 historical claims lets us match you with the attorney best suited to your case in seconds.


We tech-enable our attorneys to focus more time on your case, instead of spending it on repetitive tasks.

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3.2x higher payout

Justice looks different to everyone. But no matter what you're seeking, you'll be supported by a team that has secured payouts 3.2 times higher than plaintiffs anticipated.

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You're not alone

Because a personal injury can happen to anyone, we make justice and support accessible for everyone.

Such a blessing that there are people still out there willing to help shine a light for others when it’s dark times.

Larry Simpson2022 · Via Trustpilot

Justpoint serves a vital systemic purpose, connecting those in dire legal need with competent representation.

AB2022 · Via Trustpilot

Justpoint takes its job seriously, and makes sure its clients' claims are protected, properly evaluated and worked up.

John in Atlanta2022 · Via Trustpilot

Kendra was amazing and still is she was so helpful with any questions that came up she always asked me how I was doing and if I needed anything at all.

Cary Enochs2022 · Via Trustpilot

I needed to find a lawyer for medical incompetence for my son and they helped me find the right lawyer.

Amber Wheeler2022 · Via Trustpilot

Prompt on finding an attorney that could help me with my situation.

Tee2022 · Via Trustpilot

Thanks to justpoint I have an attorney and my case is moving forward.

Tommy Dennard2022 · Via Trustpilot

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