The Complete Guide to New York Medical Maldiagnosis Lawyers

After entrusting your life and finances to the care of ‘experts,’ you don’t deserve the trauma that comes with misdiagnosis. The erring medical service provider must be held accountable and liable for amends.

This article will answer all your questions on misdiagnosis and educate you on the legality of filing a claim.

What is Medical Misdiagnosis?

Medical misdiagnosis, otherwise referred to as medical malpractice, is one of many rampant unethical behaviors in the health sector. We can not overstate the effects of medical errors—physical, mental, and financial.

Medical misdiagnosis is the wrong or delayed diagnosis of an ailment by a medical practitioner inflicting severe health issues on the patient.

Types of Misdiagnosis

The number of misdiagnosis errors per year is alarming; the frequency of these mistakes and the skyrocketing figures are more disturbing. Recent studies show an estimate of 5.08% diagnostic mistakes a year, with half of them possibly harmful.

Knowing the varying kinds of misdiagnosis raises your confidence in making a claim.

No Diagnosis

When the doctor fails to detect a disease even in the presence of telltale signs.

Late Diagnosis

When a medical practitioner wastes time running necessary tests causing aggravated health issues.

Wrong Diagnosis

A doctor makes the wrong diagnosis because of identical symptoms, mistaken identity, swapped test results, or defective equipment.


When a patient is given a wrong prescription or undergoes unsuitable treatment procedures; the neglect, oversight, and failure to carry out standard practices are also classified as misdiagnosis.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

This mistake is life-threatening because patients lose time, the most crucial factor in treating cancer. Cancer misdiagnosis may be delayed diagnosis, wrong diagnosis, diagnosing the wrong stage, or administering the wrong treatment.

Get a New York City misdiagnosis lawyer to answer all your questions and see if you have a claim.

Can you Sue your Doctor or NHS for Misdiagnosis?

Yes! You can sue a private hospital or NHS (including healthcare providers and sectors in the NHS) for medical malpractice. But first, you need to know what conditions define misdiagnosis before you can file a lawsuit.

You can indict the NHS or any healthcare facility if you prove that:

  1. Another medical professional would’ve correctly diagnosed the illness.
  2. The physician was negligent or didn’t administer the standard care practices and worsened the disease unnecessarily.
  3. The doctor’s actions injured the patient.
  4. Misdiagnosis caused extended treatment periods, surgeries, emotional distress, physical damage, or increased expenses.
  5. The case was filed within a stipulated time frame or meets the constraints of filing a misdiagnosis case.

If you prove the above situations with substantial evidence, it’s possible to file for misdiagnosis and win.

Negligent medical practitioners may try to deny or invalidate your claims, so get help fast, or risk losing your right to a lawsuit.

If you prove the above situations with substantial evidence, then it’s possible to file for misdiagnosis, and win.

Negligent medical practitioners may try to deny or invalidate your claims, so get help fast, or risk losing your right to a lawsuit.

Suing for Misdiagnosis

The average payout a year on compensation for medical misdiagnosis is $20 billion. What about the reimbursement per case?

No two misdiagnosis claims are the same; the effects will always differ even if the type corresponds. Hence, we cannot decide the compensation for misdiagnosed cases.

But the cost of compensation is based on two things:

General Damages

It covers pain, the severity of the injury, and what impact the misdiagnosis has had on your life.

Specific Damages

All kinds of costs incurred in treatment and loss of past, present, or future earnings.

The earlier you file upon discovery, the better. (You should contact a certified New York misdiagnosis doctor and an expert New York medical misdiagnosis attorney.) Filing for misdiagnosis is subject to a time frame; patients have between 1-3 years to make a claim, and the time counts from the misdiagnosis date or date of knowledge.

Our team at Justpoint will estimate a deserved recompense using AI-driven data before commencing legal operations.

How Can NYC Misdiagnosis Lawyers Help?

A New York misdiagnosis lawyer will use his wealth of experience and expertise to compile your claim, evidence of losses, witnesses, medical records, and reports from misdiagnosis doctors. Since most cases are settled before a final hearing, you’ll need a competent solicitor.

Justpoint is an interactive platform that uses AI-driven data to connect malpractice victims to the right NYC medical misdiagnosis attorney. We don’t only direct you to capable solicitors; we handpick misdiagnosis

doctor and legal specialists with a record of similar claims and successes.

What we do as JustPoint:

  • Deliver personalized services
  • Conduct meticulous investigations
  • Point out everyone liable for your injuries and damages
  • Our misdiagnosis attorneys in New York City will calculate the letter-perfect value of your lawsuit
  • Handle your lawsuit and ensure full compensation

It’s not just about finding a New York City misdiagnosis attorney, but the question is if he has the necessary capital to prosecute a case. We partner with first-class NY misdiagnosis law firms to speed up processing and increase the odds of winning a claim.

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