What Constitutes a Medical Malpractice Suit?

According to AMA statistics, more than one in every two physicians have been sued when they reach the age of 55. Medical malpractice victims use their legal rights to file lawsuits against healthcare providers in increasing numbers. Justpoint connects you with lawyers who have successfully sued doctors in addition to providing information on whether and how to file  a medical malpractice  lawsuit against a 

healthcare professional.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice, you may be wondering what to do next. Contacting a qualified attorney is the next best move. However, you may not know how to select the best medical malpractice attorney for your medical case. It is crucial to work with the best malpractice attorney around you when deciding how to file a malpractice lawsuit.

Choosing the right medical malpractice attorney may be the most crucial decision you make during your litigation. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is complicated. Defendants typically hire lawyers who will fight tooth and nail to have their case dismissed in court.

Patients who are victims of medical malpractice are already traumatized due to negligence; the rigors of judicial processes should be avoided at all costs. It would help if you chose a licensed medical malpractice attorney, especially during a medical negligence lawsuit.

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What is Medical Malpractice?

‘what is medical malpractice ’ is one of the most frequently asked questions after a personal injury.   Medical malpractice is an action of a physician that harms a patient. It is considered medical malpractice if another medical expert witness would take another decision in the same circumstances. Not all Medical errors are legally classified as medical negligence. While you may be wondering, ‘can I sue my doctor for medical malpractice?’ they may not be the ones to blame. There are specific criteria your malpractice case must meet to be considered a medical negligence claim. The criteria include:

  • Duty of Care: One of the crucial reasons to sue a doctor for medical negligence is when they fail to provide the required medical care or fulfill their duty as a healthcare professional. It includes the obligation to inform patients about the possible side effects of diagnostic and treatments. Patient consent is not possible without informed awareness of the potential risks associated with a particular treatment technique. Your medical malpractice lawyer can assist you in proving the medical practitioner failed in their duty to you.
  • Breach of Duty: The doctor can breach the duty of care by deviating from the standard of medical care throughout your treatment or diagnosis. Contact an experienced lawyer to learn more about how to sue a doctor for malpractice.
  • Damages: If a doctor’s acts or inaction directly harms your body, you have a case for medical malpractice.


  • Medical malpractice cases are on the rise as healthcare practitioners are being sued more frequently. One of the most challenging aspects of a lawsuit is finding an attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve and evaluate if your case is eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit.
  • Justpoint uses AI-powered methods to analyze your case and matches you with a licensed attorney with a proven track record of success in medical malpractice cases.
  • Medical malpractice cases can only be referred to if all necessary conditions are met. (duty of care, breach of duty, damages) and another medical expert witness can prove that it was a mistake.
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What Are the Four Elements of Medical Malpractice? 

Duty, dereliction, direct cause, and damages are significant elements of medical malpractice. A licensed lawyer must prove that the case contains these major elements while filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

What Qualifies as Medical Malpractice?

The fundamentals of a successful medical malpractice claim are the same no matter where you live. There is a doctor-patient relationship established, and then there is negligent conduct that results in imminent harm to the patient.

What to Consider When Choosing a Medical Malpractice Attorney

What to Consider When Choosing a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Being plunged into the legal system suddenly, oblivious of the processes, and

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

If you have become a victim of medical malpractice, that is one of the most

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