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What If Your Case Is Not Our Specialty?

Feb 22, 2022

Here at Justpoint, we understand that becoming a personal injury victim is a terrible experience that no one ever plans or wishes for. However, when medical malpractice does strike, Justpoint is here to help guide you through the process of fighting for the justice you deserve.

Who are we?

Justpoint is an online platform powered by innovative AI mechanisms that focus on finding the best-suited attorneys for each specific legal case in the realm of personal injury. To find the best law firms and match their expertise to the demands of the clients, Justpoint uses predictive analysis. This is how Justpoint delivers to its clients’ expertise, transparency, and integrity to the currently long and convoluted process of fighting for justice.

Using Justpoint is absolutely free. Justpoint gets paid a portion of attorneys’ fees from clients’ settlements. However, if an attorney that Justpoint sets up a client with does win the legal case, then there is no settlement, which means that the attorney does not get paid, and so does not Justpoint.

Cases we do and do not take

In the United States alone, people file 40,000,000 lawsuits every year. This makes the United States the top country globally in terms of litigation. However,  several issues come into play with this.

  • First, not all cases filed will be accepted by the courts, and only a portion will end up winning in courts. Using attorneys’ service helps to increase the chance of receiving justice and maximizing compensation.
  • Second, there are different legal cases that go to litigation. Some cases concern family matters, such as divorces, custody, and CPS disputes; some cases involve financial matters, such as real estate, probates, inheritances, landlord/tenant issues, and so on. Some cases are criminal, where an individual or a group of individuals have violated a specific law or a set of laws. Therefore, to maximize the protection that an attorney can provide, the attorney needs to be highly specialized in the specific area of the law.

This is precisely the reason that Justpoint handpicks only the most experienced attorneys with expertise in specific areas of the law that they practice. The closer the match between the expertise of an attorney and the nature of your medical malpractice case, the greater the chance for success. Justpoint is a boutique platform that delivers excellence precisely because it specializes in a handful of legal issues – personal injury, at the moment.

Justpoint is a boutique platform that delivers excellence precisely because it specializes in a handful of legal issues – personal injury, at the moment.

Of course, we are very well aware that there is a lot more injustice in the world other than personal injury. However, it takes time to find the select law firms that have proven their track record in a specific legal area, such as family law, criminal law, financial matters, and so on. We are working on building a database of expert attorneys that we can trust to handle your legal case most effectively bringing you justice you deserve in other areas of law, other than in personal injury.

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