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What is Justpoint?

Dec 17, 2021

Hi and welcome to Justpoint! We are your comprehensive one-stop-shop for finding justice if you are a victim of any form of medical malpractice.  Navigating the medical malpractice landscape can be complex and overwhelming. Here at Justpoint, we understand that every case is unique and different and deserves a unique approach. Medical malpractice can take on many forms — but if you believe that you might have suffered injury related to healthcare (and not only healthcare), you have come to the right place! The more details we have about your case, the more we can tailor our services to specifically your situation. We provide our services by guiding you through a couple of steps, so that we can connect you with the most knowledgeable and experienced attorney who is an expert in your given situation.

We maximize your justice

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be stressful, and victims should not be tormented with talking about the heartbreaking story repeatedly to different experts. This is why it’s crucial to speak to the right person about your medical malpractice case. Here at Justpoint, we believe in allowing the patient to exercise their right to compensation if they believe they may be the victim of medical malpractice. We connect you to our licensed expert attorneys that maximize compensation for your medical malpractice lawsuit.

According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 68% of closed malpractice claims were dropped, dismissed, or withdrawn; only about 7% of medical malpractice cases end in a trial, in which a jury determines the verdict. Can you imagine the result if more people have access to licensed medical malpractice attorneys? That’s what you get when you allow us to guide you through the process of getting justice. 

We cost…nothing

Medical malpractice is the third most common cause of death in the United States and results in more than 251,000 people deaths each year. However, unfortunately, only 2% of those medical malpractice victims file a compensation claim. The major challenge for most people is excessively high lawyer fees without a guarantee of winning the case.

But what if you could get a lawyer to help you with your medical malpractice case without having to pay anything? This is where Justpoint and our contingency plan come into the picture. A contingency fee agreement is a much friendlier and pragmatic option whereby the attorney only gets paid for their services if they win the case.

A  contingency fee agreement refers to an agreement signed between the lawyer and medical malpractice victim, whereby the lawyer agrees to only be paid for their services if they successfully win the settlement in a court of law. The contingency fee is paid out in a percentage of the total settlement, typically 33% (or more depending on the attorney). If the attorney fails to win a financial award, they are not entitled to any fees whatsoever


How do I know that it is Justpoint calling me? 

Once you fill the case evaluation form online at, you will receive a text message with the contact information of your case manager and the phone number that they will be contacting you from. This way, when they call, you will know it is Justpoint. 

How do I know that you guys are serious?

Justpoint was created with the one mission in mind – to help victims of medical malpractice get justice via connection to expert litigation attorneys. Justpoint is supported by business giants such as Google and uses a special AI algorithm to estimate an outcome of potential medical malpractice, personal injury, and other legal cases. 

How much money will I get?

Each case is different, although we can sometimes estimate the value of your case using our AI-Powered Settlement Estimator, which analyzes historical data in similar cases. Justpoint exists solely to maximize the chances of your payout by matching you with litigation attorneys with closest experience and expertise to your actual situation. This perfect match guarantees maximal justice. 

Is there a time limit for medical malpractice cases?

Most patients don’t know the statute of limitations for their state and feel they can file a medical  malpractice anytime. Patients have a little as one year (with some exceptions and depending on the state) to sue for medical malpractice. The best thing is for the patient to contact a licensed medical malpractice  attorney as soon as they notice.

What qualifies as medical malpractice?

The presence of pain or damages doesn’t mean that the patient has a case. Many patients assume that the obvious presence of a scar means they have a case. It is only a case if it is due to the Healthcare professional’s negligence. Most claimants don’t understand that there’s no legal repercussion for emotional damage not caused by the physician ‘s negligence, and they cannot sue for an injury that almost occurred (for instance, if a  patient almost died because of what this surgeon did).

What are the possible outcomes — or chances of success — of a malpractice case? 

If a patient is retained by an attorney who thinks their claim has merits, there’s a little over 50% chance they will receive a payout, depending on that attorney’s experience. This number depends on how well prepared that attorney is for the specific claim brought up. For example, some attorneys have a success rate of over 95%, while others succeed in as little as 15% of the claims they take. We define success here as a payout to the patient in the form of either a settlement offer from the doctor’s insurance company to avoid going to court (99% payouts) or a court judgment ruling in their favor (1% of payout). If a claim doesn’t receive a payout,it is often because the patient or the attorneys dismissed it.

Other factors influencing success rates depend on: the presence of damage, the extent of the damage, proof of causation by the plastic surgeon, the medical records provided by the patient, state of the patient, and participation of the patient in the malpractice.

Can you negotiate a contingency fee?

Contingency fees are negotiable. Make your move early and inquire if the lawyer can take a lower rate. Who knows? Maybe they will.

Do contingency lawyers always win?

Contingency lawyers don’t always win. That’s why they are paid on a contingent basis, meaning on the circumstance if they win. A lot of variables are involved at the court, and it is difficult to predict a win or a loss.

Can you fire your attorney under a contingency fee agreement?

You reserve the right to fire your attorney at any time, including under a contingency agreement. The terms of service will most likely be engraved in the contract, so take some time and read through it to avoid incurring unnecessary fees before the case is over.

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